Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to Lucid Dream

So how do I lucid dreaming?
There are many ways to go about it.
So lets start with some basic steps & concepts to start.

1.) Recognize you are in a Dream.
There are several ways to do this. Start out with something easy.
  • Build a habit. Stare at your hands during the day and ask your self "am I dreaming"?
  • Repeat to yourself before bed that you are about to dream. "I am about to dream", "I am falling asleep", "I will look at my hands".
  • Keep a dream journal to memorize repetitious oddities. Lights not working, loose teeth, morphing pictures etc etc. If you remember these in your dream they will help you realize you are dreaming
Advanced concepts & techniques:
  • Expand your awareness (I will create a guide for this).
  • Think abstractly (I will create a guide for this).
  • Meditate before going to sleep or until fall asleep.
2.) Staying aware that you are in a Dream.
  • Stare back and forth between the object of your choice that got you to recognize you were in a dream and your environment.
  • Spin around, this sends false signals to the balance part of the brain and also creates rapid thinking as you are rapidly taking in your surroundings by spinning around.
  • Staying calm, getting overly excited about what you are doing or dealing with will cause you to wake up or swallowed back into the dream.
3.) Creating a place
  • Simply will a place in your mind.
  • Remember a place in your mind.
  • Travel to the place you want to go.
4.) Creating an object
  • Simply will the object in your mind
  • Remember the object of your choice.
  • Travel to a place where the known object resides.

5.) Existing in pure consciousness.
  • Clear you mind after you have realized you are in a dream.
  • Will everything in your dream to dissipate.
  • Look at the object that got to realize you are in a dream then back to your surroundings. If you do this in rapid succession you will start to see your surroundings disappear.
Lucid dreaming can help you with your awake self. Using the power of the dream you can create new ideas and profit from them, helping you and society. It can also help you increase your brain usage and capacity to learn.

Like everything else in this world it takes practice some pick it up faster than others some just do it. Just keep practicing and you will be able to do it. If you really want to do it don't stop trying.

Lucid Dreaming

What is lucid dreaming? For those of you that don't know.
A dream in which one realizes one is dreaming.

You may now realize the power of this ability. If you remember your dreams you know that they are often filled with unlimited details and happenings. So thus lucid dreaming allows you to control as many possibilities one can literally think of. Sounds great?

But wait how come people aren't doing this all over the world and making millions or doing something great?

My answer "if it was easy everyone would be doing it already" or something like that.

Whats so hard about it? One goes to sleep then realizes one is dreaming how can that be hard?

Well lets think about it. You spend only most of your day "Awake" binding you to the awake consciousness. While only spending less of your time in the "Dream" consciousness.

If you were to have started when you were a child you would be able to do it easily today as you are now. Comparable to language learning, how its easy to pick up as a child yet difficult later in life.

The fact of the matter is that lucid dreaming became one of those blasphemous things over time. Everyone was a non believer for a time, leaving those who knew better to keep it a secret doomed to be put in the "outcast" zone.

Lucid dreaming is an actual fact, many individuals have reported having the ability and can actually do things in their sleep to prove that they are lucid dreaming, like displaying small movement during sleep for scientists.

What are some possibilities with lucid dreaming?
Your own simulation computer for any possible situation.
You can create any possible object you can think up.
You can create any possible place you can think up.
You can exist in pure consciousness.
You can easily think abstractly.

You should however take caution in doing certain actions.
It is said that if you fall asleep in a Dream you take a new form of consciousness, astral projection or higher. (NOT LIKE INCEPTION).

Astral Projection and Higher are very abstract forms of consciousness. I do not recommend trying to obtain these until you have mastered lucid dreaming and certain concepts (which i will go over later in this blog).

Stay tuned for part 2
Part 2 So how do I lucid dreaming?

Friday, September 3, 2010

About this Blog

This Blog will about the recurring entities and attributes found in awareness and observations.

Topics may include only Metaphysics and lack the universal quality.
Metaphysics deals with the philosophy of "being" and the "world"(our observational world). Though in certain circumstances like near death experiences and astral projection one may experience whole new levels of "being" and "world". Which will be discussed.

Even if one does not "believe" in such things one should consider the possibility of or if any read just for entertainment. Such topics should fancy the mind as they are sometimes beyond the scope of imagination.